Luxilon 4G Rough 125 Tennis Strings
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Reward Points 75
Points Needed 7500

Luxilon 4G Rough is the textured version of the standard 4G string, a co-poly made with Luxilon's proprietary blend of seemingly magical ingredients. As with the original 4G, the textured version is designed to give strong players the needed control to unlock their top swing speed. Judging from the control score of our playtest team, the design works, but with the following caveat. One of our playtesters had to restring more frequently because this string became too lively after losing tension. As for the textured surface and its presumed spin benefits, our team reported very easy access to spin. However, we should note that 4G Rough didn't prove decisively more spin-friendly than the smooth 4G. It did, however, play softer than the original, a fact that might make this string more appealing to a wider range of players. One thing seems clear though, this textured co-poly should have more than enough spin potential and precision to satisfy big hitters.

Power - Score: 48, Control - Score: 78

Made of firm material, 4G Rough is designed to supply precision and predictability to players with long, fast strokes. Not surprisingly, Andy gave this string high marks for control, saying, "The stiffer, 'deader' response makes this a low-powered string with loads of control. I never had to think twice about unloading on a shot because I knew I'd be able to retain control of it. I did find it to be a touch livelier than regular 4G, but it's still on the lower end of the polyester power spectrum, and it's one of the lowest powered strings overall."

Finding a little more pop than Andy, Chris said, "I liked the blend of power and control this string offered right off the stringer. It felt crisp and decently lively. I was able to get all of the pace I wanted on the ball without losing any control. I was able to take a big cut at the ball when the string was fresh, and I felt confident going for the lines. It worked well in both low-powered player's racquets and higher powered 'tweener racquets. However, after the string had been in the racquet for more than a week the control dropped off rapidly and the ball launched too much."

Spin - Score: 85

With its textured surface, 4G Rough gave our team plenty of bite and easy access to spin. According to Chris, however, it takes more than texture to achieve maximum ball rotation. He said, "The spin potential of this string was decent. Again I had the best results when the string was fresh. I was able to swing aggressively at the ball and generate the racquet head speed needed to get lots of spin. It felt like the stringbed was biting pretty well, but I actually preferred regular 4G for generating spin. I think it came down to me having more confidence in the regular 4G; I was swinging faster with the regular 4G and therefore getting more spin."

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